Smoothie Saturday! Watermelon Mint

If you haven’t noticed—and I hope you have!—I try to create smoothies with in-season produce, with the painfully obvious exception of bananas… which, as far as I know, have never-ever been “in season” in the US midwest. But there’s something delightful about using things that are in season. Actually, several somethings that are delightful about it:

In-season produce tastes so much better.

It’s also cheaper.

It’s also environmentally conscientious.

And it leads us to think of new ways to combine foods: ways that may have once been standard, but are now lost to our grocery-store and this-was-my-mother’s-recipe habits. Not all such habits are bad, but it is certainly fun to explore new flavor combinations and appreciate the different seasons in more than just our wardrobes.

This one may not be unique to some of you, but it’s delectable all the same.

Watermelon Mint Slushy
2–3 cups fresh watermelon, de-seeded (sorry to state the obvious, but ya never know)
Small handful fresh mint leaves
Small handful fresh spinach leaves
Tiny squeeze of fresh lemon juice


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