Cayenne Kettle Kale Chips

For those of you kale chip lovers, here’s an alliterative twist on the classic toss-em-in-olive-oil-and-hope-they-taste-okay kale chip. And may I just add that I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how all these internet folk are “lightly tossing” anything in olive oil? The only method I can think of that effectively, evenly coats anything with olive oil is to drizzle it in a ziplock bag and shake shake shake. But this would be a sinful waste of plastic bags, if one were to do it every time one needed a pan full o’ kale chips (or, you know, whatever else). Here’s what I do: Keep a small spray bottle in the kitchen filled with 1/2 olive oil and 1/2 water (to keep it from clogging the bottle), and every time you need to “lightly toss” something, lightly spray it instead. Just make sure you shake the bottle first. Now, without further ado, may I present— Cayenne Kettle Kale Chips:

Break some kale into bite-sized pieces, and remove the stems if you don’t like the stems.
“Lightly spray” your pan and then the tops of the kale chips, as laid out on the pan. With olive oil*, that is.
Sprinkle sea salt, raw sugar, and cayenne pepper on top.
Bake however long you like your kale chips baked for. Me, I usually go 350F for 10-ish minutes.
Send me a thank you note.

*On olive oil
The short version:

The long version:


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