Smoothie Saturday: Peaches!


2-3 large, fresh peaches, or 5-6 small (by “small” I mean right-off-the-farm tiny)
1/4 frozen banana (for creaminess, if you use too much, you won’t taste the peaches) and enough water to blend
Enough almond milk to blend (and no banana; coconut milk or water will work, but then you’ll taste coconut and the whole point of this smoothie—yes, I said the WHOLE point—is to celebrate end-of-summer peaches!)
A hand-full of spinach

You can add other things in based on your tradition, but the flavor of peaches is very easily overpowered so… only do it if you don’t want to taste peaches… in which case, I think you are weird but I won’t hold it against you.


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