Monday-to-Monday Yoga

Why “Monday-to-Monday” yoga?  Read more here:

Or, just get your yoga on! I like to do ten breaths per pose. Sometimes I hold a pose longer, but at least 10 breaths ensures I’m not rushing. (Confession: sometimes I do five. But never fewer than five.)

Here’s this week’s routine! Feel free to join me. This week has us doing a lot of leg work; if your legs get tired, straighten them for a minute to rest, and then ease back into the pose.

Mountain pose
Forward lunge (aka warrior one) – left foot
Warrior two – left foot
Reverse warrior – left foot
Wide-legged forward bend
Forward lunge (aka warrior one) – right foot
Warrior two – right foot
Reverse warrior – right foot
Wide-legged forward bend
Low plank
Child’s pose

Mountain pose: Stand straight, distribute weight evenly across feet to root your body to the ground. Spend your time in this pose to align the body.
Forward lunge (aka warrior one) – left foot: Lunge left leg forward until thigh is parallel with the ground, front foot flat on the ground and knee at a 90-degree angle (knee should not extend past ankle!). Back leg straight, up on toes. Arms straight up overhead, palms pressed together.
Warrior two – left foot: Allow back foot to slide gentle sideways until the full length of the foot is on the ground and the foot is at an angle. Left arm stretches straight in front of you, the right arm straight behind (both parallel with the floor).
Reverse warrior – left foot: Bring right arm down so that it rests (not leans, RESTS) on your back (in this case, right) leg. Arch your left arm overhead, leaning backwards, but maintaining leg and hip position.
Wide-legged forward bend: Straighten legs, standing up, keeping legs wide. Relax into a deep forward bend, relieving the work your legs have just accomplished.
Forward lunge (aka warrior one) – right foot: Repeat in reverse.
Warrior two – right foot: Repeat in reverse.
Reverse warrior – right foot: Repeat in reverse.
Wide-legged forward bend: Repeat.
Low plank: Draw feet together and face forward (if using a mat). Do a forward bend and then slide into a plank (upper position of a push-up). Lower yourself onto your forearms, maintaining a straight line along your back and legs.
Cobra: Lower body onto floor and arch your back, facing the ceiling.
Child’s pose: Draw yourself backwards so that your knees are under your body, and put your hands behind you on the floor, resting easily at your sides, forehead to the floor. You can also leave your arms straight out in front of you for a little shoulder stretch.


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