Tuesday-to-Monday Yoga (for real this time)

Yesterday I spent the afternoon on the beach with my face in the sand. That’s a good kind of yoga, let me tell you.

Here’s my routine for the rest of the week. Join me!

Tree pose – left foot up
Tree pose – right foot up
Back bend
Forward stretch
Spread-legged forward stretch
Child’s pose

Tree pose – left foot up: Plant your feet firmly about shoulder-width apart. Draw your left foot up your right leg, until it is pressed against the inside of your right thigh (or as high as you can get it). Simultaneously, press your hands together like the pictures of people praying and lift them upward toward the ceiling. Look up. Hold.

Tree pose – right foot up: Same thing, but switch feet. Slowly come out of and into each pose.

Back bend: Re-ground your feet. Bend backwards as far as you comfortably can, feeling the stretch, and letting your arms hang freely.

Bridge: If you can, drop from here into bridge (just go further back, drop your hands to the floor, and hold with your back arched). If you cannot, lay down on your back first and come up into bridge.

Wheel:  From here, if you can, raise one leg straight into the air. Hold and switch. If you cannot, move into the next pose.

Corpse: Lay down flat on your back with your arms at your sides. Enjoy the stretch you just gave your back.

Plow:  Lift legs slowly backwards until they reach the floor behind your head (or as far as they’ll go), keep them straight, and hold.

Boat: Roll forward until you are sitting at a 45-degree angle from the floor with your legs extended also at a 45-degree angle from the floor, arms straight forward. Tighten abs the whole time.

Forward stretch: Lower legs and lean forward, arms reaching, as far as you can.

Spread-legged forward stretch: Holding torso in place, spread legs as wide as you can and hold again. If your neck gets tired, prop it on fists or block, if not the floor.

Frog: Roll forward so that your legs are now behind you, bend your knees frog-like, out to the sides of your body, and put your forehead on the floor.

Child’s pose: Draw your knees under your body and put your hands behind you on the floor, resting easily at your sides, forehead still down.


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