Monday-to-Monday Yoga

Why “Monday-to-Monday” yoga? Read more here:

Or, just get your yoga on! I like to do ten breaths per pose. Sometimes I hold a pose longer, but at least 10 breaths ensures I’m not rushing.

Mountain pose
Forward bend
Downward dog
Runner’s Pose – Left Foot Forward
Triangle Pose – Left Foot Forward
Twisted Triangle Pose – Left Foot Forward
Downward dog
Runner’s Pose – Right Foot Forward
Triangle Pose – Right Foot Forward
Twisted Triangle Pose – Right Foot Forward
Full Squat
Backward Bend

Mountain pose: Stand straight, distribute weight evenly across feet to root your body to the ground. Spend your time in this pose to align the body.
Forward bend: Either roll the spine forward, stretching your back as you go, or do a swan dive forward, keeping your back straight. At the bottom (wherever that is for you!), let your arms, head, and shoulders relax, sinking toward the floor. Maintain the feeling of groundedness developed during mountain pose.
Plank: Slide your hands forward or your feet backward to come into plank. Straight back, tight abs, strong arms, feet pressed backward. Take the weight off your wrists by bending your fingers slightly and pressing your fingertips into the floor.
Cobra: Slowly do a push up into low plank, then straighten the arms again, leaving the body low so that the back is bent and the head stretches toward the ceiling.
Downward dog: In a fluid motion, pull the midsection upward to come into downward dog, using your body to create a triangle with the floor.
Runner’s Pose – Left Foot Forward: Lift your left foot high into the air and swing it through to land between your hands. Lower into runner’s pose, front knee bent, back leg straight. Hands beside feet, either on the floor or hovering over the floor.
Triangle Pose – Left Foot Forward: Straighten your knee, place your left hand on the floor or on your left shin, and reach your right hand toward the ceiling.
Twisted Triangle Pose – Left Foot Forward: Put your right hand down on the floor or on your shin and twist in the other direction, reaching the left hand toward the ceiling. Keep feet grounded.
Plank: Come back center and slide into plank.
Cobra: Repeat cobra pose.
Downward dog: Repeat downward dog.
Runner’s Pose – Right Foot Forward: Repeat sequence with right leg forward.
Triangle Pose – Right Foot Forward: Repeat sequence with right leg forward.
Twisted Triangle Pose – Right Foot Forward: Repeat sequence with right leg forward.
Full Squat: Come back center and bring feet together. Straighten up into mountain pose briefly, palms together this time and hands extended upward. Bend your knees into a full squat, driving heels into the floor and gently pressing elbows into the inner part of your knees. Optionally, move into crane: put hands on floor and lift feet off ground, balancing knees on elbows. (This is a more advanced pose, so please research it if you are not familiar with it.)
Backward Bend: Straighten legs to come out of squat and, from mountain pose, bend backward gently, keeping your legs straight and your hips aligned. Finish in mountain pose.


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