Monday-to-Monday Yoga

“I should do more yoga.”

…I should have a dollar for every time I’ve uttered that phrase. Then I would be crazy rich and I could retire and do yoga all the time.

I’m guessing everyone has their excuses for not doing more yoga, and maybe yours sound something like mine: I want to, but without a set routine, I do it for, like, five minutes and then quit. And if I find a set routine, I get sick of it. And if I decide to “Google” a new routine every time I want to get my yoga on, it’ll never happen. And so it never happens.

Well, this very day I have decided to start a new tradition. It’s called Monday-to-Monday yoga. Every Monday, I will write down a short sequence of yoga poses, incorporating any new ones I want to try, and I will do that sequence every day until the next Monday, holding each pose for 10 breaths.

So, without further ado, may I present this week’s yoga sequence:

Child’s pose
Downward dog
One-legged d. dog on each side
High lunge twist
Forward fold with twist
Roll back into plow
Roll up to boat pose
Roll down, half-bridge pose
Supine twist
Corpse pose

Sphinx: Lay on your stomach, propped up on your forearms. Push your chest upward and lean your head back.
Child’s pose: From sphinx, push yourself up on your hands and slide back until you are sitting on your heels, but your face and arms should still be on the ground, arms stretched out before you.
Cat/Cow: Lift yourself up so that you are on your hands and knees. Tilt your head down and arch your back like a cat. Then arch your back in the opposite direction, pressing your stomach and chest toward the floor, and look up at the ceiling.
Downward dog: Come straight up from cat/cow, unbending your knees and using your body to create a triangle with the floor.
One-legged d. dog on each side: Lift one leg, keeping it straight, as high as you can. Then switch.
High lunge twist: Swing the currently lifted leg forward so that your foot lands between your hands. Come up into a lunge. Put your arms out straight, like airplane wings. Twist one direction and hold. Twist the other direction and hold.
Forward fold with twist: Come out of the lunge and stand with your feet should-width apart. Fold forward until your hands touch the ground (or as close as you can get ’em). Twist so that you are lifting one straight arm and your face toward the ceiling. Hold and then switch.
Roll back into plow: Stand up. Roll all the way back like you are going to do a backwards somersault, but stop when your feet hit the floor behind your head (or as far as you can get ’em). Straighten your legs and hold.
Roll up to boat pose: Roll forward and sit halfway up, so that your torso is at about a 45-degree angle to the floor, and your (straight) legs are as well. Put your arms straight out in front of you and hold.
Roll down, half-bridge pose: Roll back down to your back, more slowly this time. Place your arms flat at your sides. Bend your knees so that your feet are flat on the floor, and lift your hips and legs as high as you comfortably can. Now hoooold it…
Supine twist: Lower your hips and straighten your legs. Lift one leg straight into the air and, keeping it straight, reach it as far across the other leg as you can. Hold, and then switch.
Corpse pose: Straighten both of your legs and rest them on the ground. Have your arms at your sides. Relax every little muscle you’ve got.


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